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How to clean Holy Colors

Every day we receive a lot of emails from all over the world. People have questions about the colors, the packaging and of course the costs. After that the most ask questions are: Clean Holi Colors, what works best? How do I wash holi powder out of clothes and hair? Or how do I clean after color run?

Cleaning after Color Run

As our product is 100% natural and basically colored cornstarch, there is nothing to worry about. If you can´t wait until the next rain comes to clean holi colors, you can use a broom or a few buckets of water to clean after color run. Cleaning holi colors can be necessary if you organize your color run in a public place. It depends on the quantity of holi colors you used, but a vacuum cleaner also work s very well to clean after color run.

Wash Holi powder out of clothes and hair

Advice number one we would like to give when you decide what to wear to a color run or holi festival; Don´t wear your best shirt. Although our holi colors do not contain aggressive paint, there is always a chance a little haze stays behind on your shirt after wash holi powder out clothes. Clean holi colors out of your hair with normal shampoo. If the holi colors you used are of good quality, it should disappear easily.


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Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder

Kingdom of Colors only supplies Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder. This way you can be sure that our product will not irritate the skin or give a burning sensation to your customers visitors or clients skin. Our natural colours for holi color powder are eco friendly holi colours and free of chemicals. No cleaning issues and no people that can´t get the Holi powder of their skin or out of their hair or clothes.

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