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HOLI SNOW! by Kingdom of Colors.

Holi Snow was founded in 2013 by Kingdom of Colors. A great mix of Fun, Sports, Snow, fresh air, outdoor and of course Holi Powder! We selected a whole range of activities with Holi Colour you can organize in winter season. With or without mountains!

You must have heard of the Color Run, Color Festivals, Holi Colour Events and the happiest 5K on the planet. These are all summer activities with Powdered paint.

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Why all this Colorful fun with powdered paint only in Summertime?

Wintertime offers maybe even more possibilities to have some real good Color Fun with paint powder.

The contrast of the Colors on the Snow and the people simply looks amazing! Happy times guaranteed!

What are fun activities with Holi Colour Powders in the snow?

  1. Holi Powder snowball fight: Ever thought of this? Simply color your snowballs with all  shades of Paint Powder. Or maybe that one specific color of paint powder that matches your company / student society or country. The effect is amazing. Basically you are creating your own rainbow of Colors!


  1. Snow ColorRun: You must have heard of Color or happiest 5k on the planet. Why not try this in fresh winter weather? Create a nice track and several points where volunteers can throw Colored Powdered paint and cover the runners. It will feel like spring is starting early this year!
  2. Coloured Ski tracks: Why not Color the ski tracks instead of the people with Holi Powder? A complete track covered with Holi colors. Or create large striping for instance. We have seen people make huge cirkels where people can do fun activities before continuing their way down the mountain again. You can also make large logo´s with paint powder or even your countries flag for instance. The possibilities are endless with Powdered paint in the snow!
  3. Color Ski: Everybody knows the Color Run or Happiest 5k on the planet. We take this concept to the Ski and Snowboard tracks. Create a nice track with several points where volunteers can throw Colored Powder and cover the Skiers and boarders. And of course reward the people with a great color party at the end of the race. A DJ and some extra Color Powder will ensure an unforgettable Colour Party.
  4. Powder Painting Art: It is with a reason that many people call Holi Colors often paint powder. Make awesome art in the snow with all the available coloured powder. You can make it as big as you want. A activity for kids and adults. The ideas are endless! Together for instance you can create the longest painting in the world. Or maybe have a competition or fundraiser. The result will be your own wonderful temporarily museum that will stay until the next snow falls or the sun makes the snow start melting.
  5. Apres Ski Holi Party or Snow Holi Festival: No wintersports without a decent Apres Ski!  And why not organize a Holi party in the snow? Color Parties are a big hype since several years. Why should something like the weather give limitations in having fun with your friends? An existing après ski could easily be transformed into a Color Apres Ski. Maybe create a special area, so people who are not keen on playing with Holi Colors can decide for themselves.Organizing a festival of any size requires the same organizing as a Holi Festival in summer time. The larger and professional your approach, the more organizing skills are required. Maybe you also need to consult local authorities. But the result will be a sensational party that everyone will remember for a long time!


What do I need to organize a Color Ski Event with Holi Powder?

It starts with a nice snow covered hill or mountain. You need some people to organize the Event. A start and finish needs to be created and several Holi Color throwing points along the way. The track can be made as funky as you want. Think of flags, balloons, arches and music.

Further you can offer your participants, white shirts, funny sunglasses and caps to make the Event more cheerful. The other people skiing for sure want to join if they see this!

At the finish you can offer a party. Everyone is covered with all shades of Holi Colors and this is the time to throw some Holi Colour yourself.  A bar with drinks and of course a DJ spinning some pumping tracks makes this day unforgettable. Think of all the fun pictures that will spread on Social media and the opportunities this gives possible sponsors or advertisers.

Of course you need Holi Colors. High quality Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Holi Colors in several bright Colors. Contact us for the possibilities, rates and packaging.

We offer: Orange Holi Powder, Blue Holi Powder, Yellow Holi Powder, Red Holi Powder, Pink Holipowder, Green Holi Powder…..and 5 more shades!

Paint powder: Safety and Cleaning

A question we receive quite often is; After our event the snow will be colored, how do I clean everything?

There is no need for cleaning. The powdered paint is 100% Eco Friendly and some fresh snow will cover the Colors. And when the snow disappears in spring the Colors will just float away. There is no damage to nature or the ecological system.

Cleaning of the participants of your Holi Party; The powdered paint is really easy to wash of and will leave no stains. But you could offer your participants a white T-shirt to cover their ski outfits or clothes. And the Colors contrast even better on white shirts of course.

Holi Powder & Charity

Color Runs and Festivals are often used as fundraiser for charity. The Holi Powder events attract a lot of attention and give your organization a great chance to shine a light on your organizations work.

The positive vibe of the celebration and the fact that people are really creating this moment together offers many opportunities for your cause. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or information.

Holi Colour and Sponsors

As Color activities attract a lot of attention, it gives great opportunities for sponsors. Colored powder events are still quite new to many people. For this reason it will generate a lot of attention and curiousity.

The energy, the happy people and of course all the holi colors will for sure make peoples heads turn. Not only on the spot many people will see who is behind the event; think of all the pictures on social media that will further spread your message or company name.

Looking forward to hear from you and good luck with the organization of your Holi Snow Event!

Have a great time!

Holi Snow by Kingdom of Colors B.V


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Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder

Kingdom of Colors only supplies Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder. This way you can be sure that our product will not irritate the skin or give a burning sensation to your customers visitors or clients skin. Our natural colours for holi color powder are eco friendly holi colours and free of chemicals. No cleaning issues and no people that can´t get the Holi powder of their skin or out of their hair or clothes.

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