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Holi Festival Powder

Holi Color Powder (also known as holi gulal powder, holi festival powder or holi coloured powder) will make your Event, Festival or Color Run unforgettable for your visitors, clients or participants. Are you looking for a professional supplier for your holi gulal powder? We also supply holi color powder to many web shops wordwide. If you are wondering where to buy holi powder, Kingdom of Colors is your partner.


Holi gulal powder from India

We deliver worldwide directly from our factory all over the world. This way we can offer you high quality cheap holi powder. The holi festival powder is manufactured according to European standards.


Non toxic holi festival powder

Kingdom of Colors only delivers 100% non-toxic holi festival powder. The holi coloured powder is eco friendly and free of heavy metals or chemicals. The color components used in our holi festival powder are E-numbers as used in the European food industry (specifications on request).

Good to know: our holi festival powder will not irritate the skin or give a burning sensation.


Holi coloured powder ingredients

The holi coloured powder is easy to wash of your body, hair and out of your clothes. Although with lighter fabrics it might leave a little haze.

The holi gulal powder is slightly parfumed. If you rather have the holi coloured powder with neutral smell, we will adjust the production process for you free of cost. The ingredients of the parfum are herbs and natural oils (specifications on request).

Although the holi color powder is non Toxic, please try to avoid swallowing or breathe in the product. Also try to avoid having the holi color powder in your eyes. A pair of sunglasses helps. As the powder is very fine, it can cause damage to your phone or camera.

Holi Colors available & Your own color

We offer the holi gulal powder in a wide range of colors. But we also offer you the opportunity to have your own holi color powder mixed. Please let us know which particular color you are looking for. We also offer a range of FLUOR / Neon and UV holi festival powder. Contact us for more information.


Holi color powder packaging

Kingdom of Colors offers you a wide range of packaging possibilities for your holi color powder. Our 70grm and 100 gram plastic bags are most popular. The dimensions of the 100 gram sacks is 180 mm x 115 mm. We do packaging in any quantity, style, size, print required by our clients.

Before we ship the holi gulal powder, you will receive an overview of the number of cartons and pallets.

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