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Charity, Fundraising & Gulal Powder

Gulal Powder / Color Run Powder / Hippie powder for  Charity Event or Fundraising

Many organizations, schools, projects and companies can use extra funds and attention for their cause or business. There is many ways to achieve this.

A proven successful way is a Holi Color fundraiser.

It has everything a fundraising event needs. By using gulal powder, color run powder or hippie powder a lot of attention is guaranteed and the positive vibe that the holi colors will bring will spread the word almost automatically.

Why not organize a Holi Party with Gulal Powder?

In the past years we supplied our gulal powder to many Schools, NGO´s and Voluntary organizations. Many of them organized a party for their employees, family members, stake holders, clients and whoever was interested in coming and having a good time. Of course it depends on the scale of the holi party, but organizing a color party is not that difficult. Please feel free to contact us for inspiration or if interested in our gulal powder.

Why not organize a small or large Color Run with Color Run Powder?

Color Run, and 5K run are well known. Why not organize one yourself. It is not that difficult and guaranteed your participants have an unforgettable experience with the color run powder. Think alone of all the photos that will be spread over social media. All spreading your organizations name and the cause you are working on. If you need some inspiration on how to organize a Color Run with color run powder, please read one of our previous bogposts.

Looking for a theme for your party? There is many, but….

Why not go for a hippie color party with Hippie Powder?

Maybe you remember the roaring colorful sixties yourself. If not, you must have listened to the music and seen photos of this period that was all about freedom, exploring and caring. There is definitely some parallels between these days and the Color parties with Hippie Powder.

Ask al your fiends to dress-up like the sixties have reborn, play the right music and of course throw some nice hippie powder around. We know ourselves and heard from many of our customers they had the time of their lives.

Sponsors, entry fee, sold drinks and maybe selling bags of Hippie powder will help you to raise funds for your organization. Has there ever been a more fun way?

Good luck with organizing a Color Run, Holi Party or Hippie powder Party. If you need any assistance or if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

AND….if you think above is only for summer and spring time….please read

Greetings from Mumbai and Amsterdam!

Team Holi Color Powders


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Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder

Kingdom of Colors only supplies Easy to clean / Non Explosive / Safe / Organic Holi Powder. This way you can be sure that our product will not irritate the skin or give a burning sensation to your customers visitors or clients skin. Our natural colours for holi color powder are eco friendly holi colours and free of chemicals. No cleaning issues and no people that can´t get the Holi powder of their skin or out of their hair or clothes.

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